The New Blood Split

by Red Scare

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released February 7, 2014



all rights reserved


Red Scare Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Safe and Sound - Excess
Head on straight so I can see right through
I'll never need your drugs or booze
Smoke in my lungs won't cure a thing
Puts you at ease, I think that's fucking insane
A fixation with a destructive crutch
Your own judgement you can't even trust
Abstaining, it's what's right for me
Never in means of popularity
Out of touch, I don't care
A weight I'll never have to bear
Give it a try
No get it away
I won't give it a try, NO
Can't control yourself than who will
Out of touch for a fucking thrill
I'm thinking straight
Straight edge
Track Name: Singled Out - Things I Said
You didn't turn your back
You walked straight on through
I used to feel strength in numbers but now I am one of the few
I can't look back and laugh I look back and wonder what I could've done
Did your change come from inside?
Or was it a cause of our actions?
Its hard to find confidence when I'm feeling down
Is that reason you're not around?
You said you would never feel this way
Can I blame you?
Or was it the things, the things that I said?
Track Name: Early Exit
Fooled me once
And shut me out
Fucked me twice
Removed me clean of all my doubt
Huge mistake
You little prick
Soon you’ll see
You’ll be a ghost and fucking quick
You kept it up and proved
You have nothing left no more
An early exit shows I’ve settled the score
Do what you can
To make it right
No matter what
It’s you, you shit, that I’ll despite