2014 TAPE

by Red Scare

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released February 10, 2014

Recorded by Cameron Heck at the Mukilteo Mansion. Artwork by the very buff Nate Walters



all rights reserved


Red Scare Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Red Scare
Bleeding, Screaming, fleeing
From the pain again
Point out the black sheep
And make them feel less again
Witch hunt, to be blunt,
And no one is safe

Red Scare
No care
They’ll fucking find you
So run if you dare
Track Name: Sheep
Tremble and tremble
They look for fucking hope
They stole their soul with no remorse as they can only cope

Shake my head you slowly speak
Your stupid fucking words make you sound weak

The herd fight back
The herd attack
Track Name: Fifteen
Brought up in a life
Without a silver spoon
Anger like a fucking punk
I’ll see them real fucking soon
Like fucking nails on a board
Toleration is a fucking chore
I’m a burning, burning, burning, man
I’ll burn for my own sins

Started from the bottom
never far from the top
fucking pariah I’m a lost boy
and all is forgot
Its getting worse and worse
with every fucking day
One of these days these fucking cowards
will fucking pay

Swing your fucking fist
Cease to exist

Under pressure, I feel the fucking heat
Nothing ever feels complete
Held back, but swinging fucking fists
Someone please let me cease to exist
Track Name: Marked
Marked by anger
Marked by hate
Keep running and running away
From the lives you take

No care, no conscience
I left it all behind
The fucking people in my life had made me do the crime
My fucking soul is final, my fucking soul is set
I’ll let my fucking anger free.
Now this I wont forget

Driving me insane
Like a bullet to the brain, it makes me more and more insane

Made my bed from all my sins
Fucked again, did myself in
Track Name: Armageddon Day
Fate, it brings me down in flames
Another hopeless fucking future shrouded in shame
Its fucking strange how this world will spin & spin away
Sit back, it’s Armageddon day

Born to lose
Born to fail
This place will burn
I’ll live to tell
Shattered dreams
Shattered realm
Our failing future
Is at the helm

Our future hopes were in our grasp
And we already failed
Its far too late to turn back now
That ship already sailed
Give me strength, strength through pain
Give me solace in a world of shame

Liars, cheaters, bastards
Drown, Drown, Drown, under the waves

Shattered at the end of the world
Track Name: Early Exit
Fooled me once
And shut me out
Fucked me twice
Removed me clean of all my doubt

Huge mistake
You little prick
Soon you’ll see
You’ll be a ghost and fucking quick

You kept it up and proved
You have nothing left no more
An early exit shows I’ve settled the score

Do what you can
To make it right
No matter what
It’s you, you shit, that I’ll despise

You fucking lost
Times fucking up
Early Exit
Track Name: Beg
Can’t have your sympathy
To cure your insecurities
You live out loud and very proud
A cyclic little joke
Spent it all
You made your call
And left you fucking broke

You’re bred to beg

Cry fucking wolf as you lead the whole world fucking on
Cry all your tears as you sing the whole world a swan song

You’re bred to beg